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Enough: Proposals for a just Covid-19 economic recovery plan

In this video editorial, we examine the economic drivers of epidemics – and propose new ways of organizing the economy to keep viruses at bay and usher in a more sustainable and equitable future.

Locked in, locked out: Indigenous Peoples amid the Covid-19 pandemic


Indigenous peoples are locked in an uncomfortable embrace with large-scale industrial projects that threaten their land and their way of life. But they are locked out of rooms where decisions are being made about their fate. In this video, we reveal the real state of indigenous peoples under the lockdown in the Philippines.

Food Sovereignty for a Just Recovery from Covid-19: Philippines


The pandemic showed us that the global food system is broken. In this video, we learn more about how COVID-19 affected an indigenous community in the Philippines -- and how the government can transform the way we produce food and be ready for shocks in the future.

December 06 Marinduque Tragedy


On December 6, 1993, parts of the structure of Maguila-guila tailings dam owned by Marcopper Mining Corporation broke, flooding the Mogpog River with toxic waste.

It released an overwhelming amount of silted water that submerged and destroyed properties, sources of livelihood, and exposed the people of Marinduque to serious health risks.


As a consequence, the community sought relief from the courts in 2001 by filing a case against Marcopper Mining Corporation for the damages they suffered and continue to suffer. Out of the 61 plaintiffs, 11 plaintiffs have already passed away. To date, the communities still has not received any compensation for all the sustained damages and still no rehabilitation for once pristine River of Mogpog.

Explainer: The Alternative Minerals Management Bill


Mining hurts both the environment and the people living in it. In this explainer video, let's find out why we need a new mining law that aims to change the conduct of mining operations in the country and that also protects people and nature.

Pass the AMMB now!


Mining kills. In this video, find out why we need the Alternative Minerals Management Bill (AMMB), a new law that puts the security of the people and the environment first before profit.

The Philippine Greenprint


The Philippines is rich in natural resources and that is why we, the citizens, should commit to protecting what gives us life. Introducing 'The Philippine Greenprint', this video briefly explains the four green bills that will help secure the lives of Filipinos - now and always.

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