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Dispatches from the Margins features blogs from LRC staff and invited experts that tease out issues in the environment and indigenous peoples’ rights nexus.

TJG Evacuation - Armed Conflict May 2020
Evacuees in their own land: An indigenous people's struggle for recognition in the Bangsamoro 


As the Bangsamoro edges closer to the realization of its autonomy in central Mindanao, the Teduray and Lambangian indigenous peoples are in danger of becoming a 'minority within a minority'. In this blog, we examine the complex terrain of what's been called the land of promise. 

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In this video editorial, we examine the economic drivers of epidemics – and propose new ways of organizing the economy to keep viruses at bay and usher in a more sustainable and equitable future.

Indigenous cultures hold secret to shaping post-COVID-19 world


As the world scrambles for a vaccine to fight off COVID-19, we turn to indigenous cultures to find out what they might teach us about healing a broken relationship that is at the root of epidemics.

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Mining as a women's issue


This article discusses gender issues related to mining as well as makes concrete proposals for anchoring a legislative bill on mining (the Alternative Minerals
Management Bill) in the language of gender justice.

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